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Peijin Zhang (张沛锦)


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lofar LOFAR Solar and Space Weather Key Science Project (SSW-KSP) member.


Research Interest: Solar radio, EM wave generation mechanism, EM wave propagation, Radio astronomy; Space weather; Solar activity

Research Works

Solar radio bursts Data processing Inner heliosphere


2017/09-2021/06 USTC, Department of Earth and Space Science, Master and Doctoral Links, Major in solar physics and solar radio burst (PhD degree)

2019/06-2019/09 ASTRON, Summer research programme, Supervisor: Pietro Zucca

2013/09-2017/06 USTC, Department of Earth and Space Science (Major BSc degree)

2014/09-2017/06 USTC Computer Science (Second BSc degree)

2010/09-2013/06 Henan Zhengzhou 1st High School

Work Experience

  • 2021/09-2022/12 Postdoc of project STELLAR(H2020), Co-funded by BAS Bulgaria, ASTRON Netherlands, DIAS Ireland, and TUS Bulgaria.
  • 2022/12-* Postdoc, University of Helsinki, Finland.


  • 2022/09 Annual Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 2022/05 URSI Young Scientist Award
  • 2021/10 Dean's Award of CAS
  • 2021/06 Outstanding PhD Graduate Award
  • 2020/10 National Scholarship (For Ph.D. students)
  • 2019/10 National Scholarship (For Master students)

Seminar and Lectures

  • 2022/11 SP2RC seminar, University of Sheffield, UK “Low frequency view of the Sun”
  • 2021/08 STELLAR seminar, Institute of Astronomy and National Astronomical Observatory, Sofia, Bulgaria, “Observation, Modeling, and Wave-Propagation Simulations on the Source of Solar Radio Bursts”


Mohamed Nedal (2021/09-2022/09), PhD student, co-supervise with Kamen Kozarev



  • Peijin Zhang, Pietro Zucca, and Kamen Kozarev et. al. "Imaging of the Quiet Sun in the Frequency Range of 20-80 MHz" The Astrophysical Journal, 932 (2022) 17.
  • Peijin Zhang, Chuanbing Wang, and Eduard P. Kontar. "Parametric simulation studies on the wave propagation of solar radio emission: the source size, duration, and position." The Astrophysical Journal 909.2 (2021): 195.
  • Peijin Zhang, Chuanbing Wang, and GuanShan Pu. "Generating a radioheliograph image from SDO/AIA data with the machine learning method." Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics 20.12 (2020): 204.
  • Peijin Zhang, Pietro Zucca, Sarrvesh Sridhar, Chuanbing Wang : Interferometric Imaging with LOFAR RemoteBaselinesof the Fine Structures of a Solar Type IIIb RadioBurst Astrophysical Journal 2020
  • Peijin Zhang, Pietro Zucca, Chuanbing Wang : The frequency drift and fine structures of Solar S-bursts in the high frequency band of LOFAR Astrophysical Journal 03/2020
  • PeiJin Zhang, SiJie Yu, Eduard P. Kontar, and ChuanBing Wang: On the Source Position and Duration of a Solar Type III Radio Burst Observed by LOFAR Astrophysical Journal 11/2019
  • Peijin Zhang, Chuan Bing Wang, Lin Ye, Yuming Wang: Forward Modeling of the Type III Radio Burst Exciter. Solar Physics 05/2019 pdf
  • Peijin Zhang, Chuan Bing Wang, Lin Ye: A type III radio burst automatic analysis system and statistic results for a half solar-cycle with the Nançay Decameter Array data. Astronomy and Astrophysics 10/2018 pdf
  • Jun Chen, Rui Liu, Kai Liu, Arun Kumar Awasthi,Peijin Zhang, Yuming Wang, Bernhard Kliem : Extreme-ultraviolet Late Phase of Solar Flares
  • ZiJin Tong, ChuanBing Wang, PeiJin Zhang, Jin Liu: A Parametric Investigation on the Cyclotron Maser Instability Driven by Ring-beam Electrons with Intrinsic Alfvén Waves. Physics of Plasmas 05/2017

Conference and Visit

ESWW (plenary talk) 2022-10-24 2022-10-28 Zagreb, Croatia
NAFSKI (oral) 2022-11-10 2022-11-12 Sofia Bulgaria
PRE (oral) 2022-09-26 2022-09-28 DIAS, Dublin, Ireland
COSPAR (poster) 2022-07-17 2022-07-24 Athens, Greece
URSI (YS Award) 2022-05-29 2022-06-04 Gran Canaria, Spain
LOFAR-Birr (visit) 2022-04-24 2022-04-30 DIAS, Birr, Ireland
Stellar Workshop (oral) 2022-02-20 2022-02-26 DIAS, Dublin, Ireland
LOFAR SSW-KSP (invited talk) 2019-10-17 2018-10-21 ASTRON, Dwingeloo, Netherlands
CESRA (oral) 2019-07-08 2019-07-12 AIP, Potsdam, Germany
LOFAR Data School (attend) 2018-09-17 2018-09-21 ASTRON, Dwingeloo, Netherlands